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Roadmap Update - Almost There!

It has been somewhat difficult to write a blog post for the last three weeks because Wasco reached a stage in development where everything seems within reach yet never quite there.

Last month Wasco gained the following main features and more:
  • Combat
  • Levelling
  • NPC dialogues
  • Quests
  • Music
Now the development is nearing the end of all main features and requires debugging and polishing and then we are done. I have one main feature I need to finish which is persistency. After that the game is done and ready to ship!


(Image taken from here.)


You fool. How can you believe any of this bullshit?

Things are just getting started and Wasco requires the following and MORE...
  • A presskit.
  • A website.
  • A trailer.
  • Replacements for placeholder artwork.
  • PR gifs and screenshots.
  • Hunting for publishers.
I'll have to get things rolling and take care of this stuff. See you on the next post!

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