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Flu break!

Hey peeps,

I've been battling a nasty flu for the past five days and haven't had a chance to do much Wasco development.

Just pinging this blog with a new post as I intend to do every week or so.

Hopefully I'll bring more Wasco news on the next post.


Wasco is waiting...

Hi folks,

I'm still waiting for an opportunity to code the aforementioned changes regarding NPC dialogue progression. This latency happened due to various responsibilities and undertakings we had to partake in regarding our company, Gray Lake Studios. Even though we are only a few people, we are registered as a company and we have to pay our taxes and sort out things as they come our way. Last week was a lot of preparation regarding these. It could be fun to make a blog post later on and expand on these responsibilities.

In the meanwhile I have entered and past my driver's license theory exam in the Netherlands... on the third time that is. It was a pain in the ass to prepare and sort out during the last month. Now I'll be preparing for the driving test which I hear is infamously difficulty.

Hopefully next week will be more about Wasco and less about hurdles we endure before we can make Wasco.