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What happens after a feature freeze with Wasco?

Wasco reached the end of all of its features faster than expected and that's always a situation a dev can welcome wholeheartedly. Long story short in the last few days the code for Persistency, which helps players switch between scenes without losing their progression, and Saving-Loading the game was finished. Yesterday I uploaded a build to our closed beta test group. It's happening.

Closed beta testing has started! 
(This awesome .gif is from Gravity Falls.)

Now, here's a list of all the things I need to do before we can call the development somewhat more complete. This list is obviously not final. Things will creep up and will be added here.
  1. Some of our music has been taken from an unknown source. I need to find the source of the music and make sure we can use it before releasing the game.
  2. Find and add sound effects for bumping into walls and attacking enemies.
  3. Finish setting up the initial waste area.
  4. Fix the missing art problem with the hub area.
  5. Setup the missing two waste areas.
  6. Finish writing the flavor text for picking up items.
  7. Create and add all the props.
  8. Re-create the missing indoors areas.
  9. Balance combat elements.
  10. Add enemy picture to the combat state.
  11. Create the missing artwork for the two waste areas.
  12. Create the final cinematic sequence for the game.
  13. Fix the issue with resizing the font.
  14. Visit all scenes and format the hierarchy and naming of all interactable objects.
  15. Visit all item prefabs and update the scripts with necessary data.
  16. Update Wasco's spritesheet with colors.
  17. Make Wasco's sprite animate when he walks.
  18. Controls aren't as responsive as they should be. This needs fixing.
  19. Fix the scaling issue where Wasco and the NPC don't have matching size pixels.
  20. ...
While these are being fixed I'll be making newer builds for the testing group. This way we may get some feedback on other broken things. (This list unfortunately doesn't include last blog post's list. That list had all the marketing stuff on it.)

While I fix these there will be various bugs and issues coming up. I will remember other things I've forgotten and add here.

It's time to get to work and thanks for reading!

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