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Designing UI for Wasco - About, Contact and Credits Pages

When I was thinking about Wasco's UI and how to design it I came across a couple of redundant pages. These are the screens that almost every game out there provides its userbase with. I'm talking about About, Contact, Credits, Rate and Share pages. Everyone can appreciate less clutter. I don't want to crowd the title screen for Wasco and I don't want a trillion pages to design and build for my UI either. I want players to find things easily and not get overwhelmed with a plethora of options on their title screen. Perhaps we're taking a pedantic approach regarding these matters and noones cares whether you have three or eleven different options on your title screen but I'd like to think it's important so let's take a look at if we can condense these pages:

About page is what is this and who are the people that did it.
Contact is I want to tell those who did this something.
Credits page is who did what and how can I reach/follow them.

1 - Regarding the Contact page:
For me Contact page is the most important of them all. It is best to make the means of contact crystal clear and easy to use because many times people get ticked off by some problem and they will review your app with one star and talk about some issue on their review. This really hurts us badly because rankings and exposure are tied to this mechanic through Google's algorithm. So we need a way for players to contact us with issues personally instead of going public as their first response. We need this not only because we don't want one star reviews but also because contact through e-mail has a way more successful outcome compared to review driven conversations. Most often we won't get a reply on a one star review even if we completely fix that user's problem. I believe the main cause is that there are too many steps in the communcation process and it's insincere. Sometimes the problem wasn't even us to begin with but the user ignores the comments we make under their review. Best is when we reach out to people through e-mail... that way we are immediately on a one on one basis where we can help them and they find a direct contact through us instead of google letting them know some developer entity put a comment under their review and they should check. You can also write as long as you want and have a detailed conversation through e-mail. That's why I'd like to keep contact easily accessible.

2 - Regarding About and Credits pages:
These are also important pages but the information you'll find on these pages are for people who are curious about your game and those who are curious are willing to follow their nose and will take extra steps to find out answers. This means we don't have to inconvenience all users with these options and we can perhaps embed them under an Others segment in the title screen. In actuality we don't even need to make these pages at all because users can go to the Google Play Store screen and find the developer website there and navigate to this information. I choose to still contain these pages because they're easy to set up and we can make it easier for our players to find more about what they like. Alternatively you can embed links into these options instead of setting them up as screens in your app. This will also save a lot of trouble.

See you on the next post!

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