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How I share gifs of our game, Wasco, on twitter?

Recently I've been working on making some gifs for Wasco for the purpose of releasing these on twitter and other social media channels to attract prospective players. I made a challenge for myself to make one gif a day and keep at it for some weeks and see what kind of impact this will bring in terms of awareness.

A concept which was pitched to me by the smartest idea man I know, my brother. He said something along the lines of "Don't make your gifs tell public how awesome your game is. Make your gifs tell public what your game is, who your character is and so forth." On my last gif I wanted Wasco to seemingly look around and search for spare parts to fix himself in order to tell players a couple of things:

  1. Wasco is a malfunctioning robot.
  2. Wasco needs parts to repair himself.
  3. Wasco is an explorer.

(You can go here to see the .gif post. If you'd like to give me a hand you can retweet it.)

Now the interesting part lies in the things happened up to this point. Before this gif came to be, the repair bay where Wasco is looking for parts in the gif didn't have any of the rusty robots it has now. These areas were empty. I realized to tell these things the game needs to give the player, Wasco, an opportunity take these roles. Then I remembered I had a couple of robot designs that I could put together, make rusty, duplicate and turn into a dead-bot yard in the repair bay area. So I imagined this scene for the game that didn't exist yet and realized if I added this scene it would be in the spirit and vision of the game itself. All of this took about 20 minutes to make since I already made a group of offline robots earlier.

In the end my marketing acts helped me refine the game to further to fit its imagined vision. I never used marketing to help me build parts of a game before. At least not in this fashion. This really blew my mind and is the reason I wrote this blog. Long story short you can let your marketing help you shape your game in a very non-slimy manner.

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