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Builds, builds, builds and more BUILDS!

Many builds of Wasco...

So... we're still hard at work testing Wasco. Our polish list has lost most of its critical bugs. I've spent quite a bit of time making the menu navigations as smooth as possible. For example I spent some considerable time making sure there's no Load button when you don't have a save game and that if you erase your save file the game responds to this situation by deactivating the Load button as well. 

One doesn't usually put too much thought into these things but at the end of the day when you're polishing you're working to give your players an experience unhindered by breaking menus and buttons.

Following week we will attempt a full playthrough once again and see if we can finish the game without something breaking horribly. If this is the case then we celebrate and immediately start working on the artwork that's been missing.

Once that's done vigorous playtesting and fixing and polishing will take place and then finally the game will be...

... release ready.

A statement elusive to the ears of most game developers.

This however doesn't mean the game will be released immediately after even if we're itching to do so. It mostly means we can prepare all the presskit stuff and try to reach publishers.

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