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Testing UI and font sizes for multiple resolutions in Unity

Hey y'all! Just got back from a short and rejuvenating vacation in Istanbul. Let's jump right back in:

I'm still churning the previously posted list of things to polish. Today I was able to resolve an issue with the fonts being too small to read. I added a FontManager.cs that retains references regarding all Text components and updates the font size with respect to the device resolution.

I'm using a Unity package called xARM and I %200 recommend it to everyone who's aiming to release their project on multiple platforms or platforms that come with multiple resolutions. It makes testing for variuos resolutions a piece of cake. You can check it out below. (To be clear I've been using their package for a while and I don't even know the guy or guys behind it. Just sharing a tool I like.)

Now I go back to work!

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